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Robotic Process Automation to improve your customer contact

Make your customer contact more personal and effective.

Between the moment you generate a lead and the point at which you make it a customer, there are many contact moments. Robots are ideally suited to utilize them without the need for a lot of manure.

Robotic Process Automation offers results

What do you think about improving your contact with your customers? Of course, at the front office. The back office, with all administrative, logistics and financial processes, is at least as important. The faster and more accurate both front and back office data can process, the better and more valuable the contact with the customer is. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provides results.

Customer contact processes are taken over by software robots

Robotic Process Automation is a form of automation that takes over a software-based robot that carries out an employee with a computer system. Where an API works at data level, the robot works at the user interface level as well as the employee who uses. The robot opens screens, launch programs, and switches between screens, for example, to move information from one screen as input to another screen.

Call Center employees benefit from Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation consists of two variants: attended and unattended. Or a combination of the two. A good example of attended RPA is the unified desktop: The robot ensures that the call center employee receives information from different systems, so that your employee can perform the appropriate actions. The next step is not the employee, but a robot performs these processes: unattended RPA, the second variant of Robotic Process Automation.

Applications of Robotic Process Automation in customer contact

Robotic Process Automation will take a break in all sorts of variations over the coming years. Especially in environments where information from different systems is to be combined or offered, RPA will take care of many changes. RPA allows you to create processes smarter, making you save time and need fewer people for relatively easy work. The employee can then focus on what he/she is good at: ask the right questions, show understanding, get the customer's intent and get a creative solution.

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