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Artificial Intelligence

How to make your customer contact more personal with the help of robots

Between the moment you generate a lead and the point at which you make it a customer, there are many contact moments. Robots are ideally suited to utilize them without the need for a lot of manure.

Robot process automation

A popular application is the chat bot that is used on Facebook Messenger. This is basically a flat, stupid robot, but by adding intelligence and molding the robot process, more applications are possible. Not just the question and answer game we know about Messenger but also other human actions. Insurer Achmea has, for example, a new policy-conversion system that has been fully robotized, from picking up the application, to the assessment and termination of the insurance. Only exceptional applications go to employees.


Most people are a fan of humanoid robots, such as the Pepper Social Robot. The robot has been sold twenty-one thousand times worldwide. Pepper has an appearance of a little child, that is intended to indulge adults and reassure children. The robot is designed for interaction, for example the companies that no longer want to have a reception. The visitor joins Pepper and the employee is automatically notified that his appointment has arrived. Pepper is also used in the showroom of car dealers. If it's busy and there are no sales employees available, Pepper gives a tour. The route is filmed and that video is sent to the customer. Peppers little brother Nao is employed at a hospital in the Netherlands. At Meander in Amersfoort he accompanies children with diabetes. When adults explain the child how to deal with their disease, it becomes a hierarchical story. the children see Nao as a companion, and they quickly understand what they need to do to deal with their disease.

Redistribute manpower

For your notice, not every target group is ready for robotization, whether it's process optimization or a social robot. The choice is obviously to the customer. By offering both new and traditional channels, you can redistribute manpower and allow employees time to focus on the target audience that needs more attention. The lesson we learned here: you can think about six months before opening a new channel, but the customer will surprise you. Then you can start getting started quickly and small and learn whether and how the customer uses the new robot channel.

Click here to watch how we use Pepper.

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